Living with Prosperity: Relationally, Financially, Physically, and Spiritually? Why not you?

By: Gloria Manchester in Achievement, 3 years ago



Change your Story-Change your Life. Every one of us has a story to tell. The question to ask ourselves, “Is my current story working to get me what I want and need in my life today?” When we stop buying our own limiting beliefs/stories, is the point at which we open up to new creative possibilities.

A New Prosperity Storyis all about letting go of those limiting beliefs so you can experience prosperity and thrive in all aspects of your life.

Watch this short video, then click the free* link to take you to our proprietary Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® Self-Assessment to find out where you are in your prosperity mindset and where you need to shift.   

Yes, I want to find out my result, here’s your link to prosperity.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a life and business coach, certified in New Money Story®, Conversational Intelligence® and The People Code®, an EXO founding coach, and the co-author of a bestselling self-help book.

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