You don’t have time NOT to be coached!

By: Alan Shaw in coaching, 3 years ago


Our fast paced lifestyle leaves little room for “extra” events. My wife and I often joke, “If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.”  We run our lives from an electronic visualization of time and anything not making the cut of color coded blocks usually doesn’t get done, at least not without some consternation by one of us (usually me).

I know I’m not alone in how we can allow the calendar rule our lives. I attended a military school where one of the explicit purposes was to allow officers time to think. Once we graduated, it seemed there was less time for proactive thinking about big decisions then before. And that’s just our career. Let’s add family life, hobbies, clubs, and any other example of activities that add demands to our day. My calendar is color coded for “sports”, “church”, “work”, “home”, “family”, and “school” to name just a few. If this describes you as well then it may be safe to assume you are probably desperate to find a moment to yourself.  How can adding time for coaching help you if you’re that busy?

Business leaders and stay-at-home parents alike are using coaches to reflect on their ideas and further their goals. Coaches provide a sacred space to explore what’s important to you. Coaches provide an opportunity for you to think and discuss ideas in a non-judgmental environment. They help clarify the direction you feel you need to go and provide an atmosphere open to brainstorming. They are excellent accountability partners during those times when it would be just as easy to postpone that due date. Coaches can help prioritize what’s important, especially if you’ve been promoted or are starting something totally new and need the extra set of ears to listen as you talk through ideas.

Coaching is an exploding industry because more and more people are realizing they are just too busy NOT to be coached. What’s next for you? What new ideas would you pursue if you took 30-minutes, one day a week to just think? What decisions would you make if you had an accountability partner that provided you a sacred place to talk without judgement?

My tag line: “Helping align people and organizations to what’s next.” So…what’s next for you and how can I help?  Visit my profile page and let me know how we discover what’s next together.

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