How Strong is Your Foundation?

By: Amy Gamblin in #Strength, 3 years ago


Many of us in the Northeastern part of the US today are experiencing what meteorologists call a “Bomb Nor’easter”. Sounds frightening, intimidating and yes, deadly. Warnings of coastal flooding and snowfall of several feet have been predicted in its path. Working in my office today, I notice the tall pine trees sway back and forth, listening to the whipping wind gusts of up to 60mph which makes it look like these trees may topple over at any moment.

And, they stand.

It’s amazing to watch and as an outside observer, perceive these trees’ vulnerabilities. How do they withstand this pressure, this force? How do they remain there for such a prolonged period of time with this constant wind hammering fiercely against them?

And, they stand.

What the outside observer may not see is the strong foundation planted underneath. It is their roots that have dug deep into the earth, holding on, creating this foundation that makes the trees strong to withstand the outside forces coming its way. These strong foundations have been established over time – perhaps through an individual’s care by watering the tree when first planted and through the natural habitat of the environment which sustains it.

When thinking about forces coming your way, ask yourself the question, “How strong is my foundation?” What are you doing now to create and nurture your own strength so that when challenges come your way, you are standing strong?

One of the benefits of having a coach is exploring and eliciting your own ideas, goals and actions plans so that you establish the strong foundation you want for yourself as you move forward. Yes, in our path, there may be challenges that happen along the way, obstacles to overcome and unforeseen circumstances.

What do you want to put in place for yourself so that you stand strong?

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