Communication Skills: “That Bridge Relationships”

By: Jim Wadford in Change, 3 years ago


Communication Skills: “That Bridge Relationships”

Is a workshop I created in 2014, for the purpose of assisting individuals in building stronger relationships at home and work.

What skills are important for bridging relationships?

* Behavior Identification

* The Skill of Rephrasing

* The Skill of Emotional Awareness

* Powerful Creative Questions

* Listening to Criticism

* Belief Structures: Examining our Important Belief & Thinking Structures

* Listening to the Rest of the Story

Today, Americans spend 9% of their time each day in communication through writing, 16% of their time in reading, 30% of our time in speaking and 45% of our day in listening. Yet, most people are not efficient in their listening skills. Communication specialists had demonstrated that when a listener heard a ten-minute speech, the average listener retains about 50% of the presentation. The level of retention drops to 25% after forty-eight hours, and by the end of a week, the preservation level drops to 10% or less. Maybe this is the reason; we cannot remember what our spouse asks up to pick up at the store after work.

There are countless reasons to be interested in improving listening and communication skills. Certainly, we hope that communication will lead to effective, intimate, and rewarding relationships with family.  Yet, what marks would we give those who are part of the 50 percent of marriages that fail? Friends are valuable assets and sources of joy and comfort. Still, how many friends remain friends over a long period of time? Why not more? We all hope to have successful careers where we can achieve our goals. Various polls show that the ability to communicate well is ranked the number one key to success by leaders in business, politics, and the professions. Yet, research shows that folks join companies for the benefits, but leave because of poor communication with managers.  What does this cost?

These skills of communication will assist you in building a strong bridge with your clients and family members.  Will you take the challenge by hiring a communication coach to aid you in your journey from the present into the 21st century?

Our company can help you develop the skills you need for success.  So, click on this link to schedule a time to discover how you can begin building bridges to your future.

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