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A Leap Into Authenticity


“When love awakens in your life, in the night of you heart, it is like the dawn breaking within you. 

Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before your life there is awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with your self. 

When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning.”

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom


As I listened to one of my coaching clients recently, he shared with me the following about what authenticity meant to him.

“I feel at an intuitive level I’m not living up to my true potential…I’m not using my gifts in the most effective manner.  To me that is the essence of in-authenticity.  Sometimes the work I do can be very interesting and engaging (its all driven by my customer and subject matter). That being said, on many occasions, I just want to say “WHO CARES ABOUT THIS STUFF?.” 

“I’d rather be helping people directly…not just in some indirect way by how I succeed in promoting their company or product or issue.  I’d rather be engaging people on a much more personal front and seeing how I can help or guide them with issues that really matter—like their emotional and spiritual health.  I realize I’ve become the “resident counselor” for many at my job because I am open to listening, and I’m easily approachable…individuals feel comfortable confiding in me…that’s when I really feel useful at work…when I’m connecting with people one-on-one.”


As I listened to my client, it became clear that his situation is fairly common. My client didn’t want to just stay stuck like many people do for an entire professional lifetime.  He had the courage to listen to his intuitive self and find a way to be himself, authentically.

Authenticity is vital to the experience of listening to your intuitive self, which is the very core of who you are.  It comes from a feeling of integrity and connection between what you think, feel and do.  To be true to ourselves, we must be willing to express ourselves honestly and act in accordance with our highest life/work values and stream of consciousness.

By living an authentic life, we attract to us what is meant to us.  Being true to ourselves connects us to the resources and opportunities that will help us fulfill our true potential.  It is so important for individual’s who are in professional or personal transition to learn to trust themselves and their own gifts, and as they do, they will grow more comfortable and confident in who they are.

Exclaiming “Yes” to our true selves opens us up to the abundance of living happier, healthier, more creative, interesting and prosperous lives. The one true test of an authentic life is by asking oneself, how do I want to live authentically?

Key Reflection Questions:

In the last 24 hours:

  • What positive qualities did I express in my professional and personal relationships?
  • What decisions or choices inspired me or provided me a sense of authenticity?
  • Did I experience a life giving connection to another?
  • What activities inspired me, or provided me a sense of purpose, meaning, peace, celebration, gratitude, or satisfaction?

As you spend time with one or more of these reflection questions, describe your insights and discoveries and how you will integrate your new awareness of your being. Focus your awareness inside of yourself, to an area where you find calm and ease.  Be gentle, locate a positive sensation(s), accept yourself as you are today and take all the time you need.


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