From Sabotage to Success

By: Gloria Manchester in Building confidence, 3 years ago


Is your mind working against you? Sabotage is when you subvert your goal or intention by unconsciously doing the opposite of what you say you want. Here are 5 steps to reversing the damage:

Step 1:  Do some journaling on the negative self-talk going on in your unconscious mind. Bring it to the surface by releasing it in a series of forgiveness statements. Just keep writing: I forgive myself for …

Step 2:  Once you have done the above, take 3 deep breaths and write an affirmation around the one thing you discovered that has been holding you back and sabotaging your success.  I forgive myself for >>>

Example: The one thing that often sabotages my efforts is that I get distracted easily. I have to check in with myself all the time. I forgive myself and I am back on track now. That’s a powerful statement.

Step 3:  Write down one step you can take to move you in the right direction towards your intended goal.

Self-forgiveness is the key!  There is only one reason to look back and that is to move forward!

Gloria Manchester is a Life and Prosperity Coach – Email her how you overcame your saboteurs – [email protected]

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