Re-careering After 50: Determined to Live Dreams

By: Edward Hammett in Confidence, 3 years ago


When one turns fifty, sixty, seventy years old, it seems dreams become fueled by new realities. We become aware of our limited time and energy to fulfill dreams. A gift of middle age for many of us is that we become determined, more than ever, to live our dreams.

Determination becomes a gift that gets us out of bed each day. Unfulfilled dreams of our youth become gifts to ensure a vital second half of life. Leaning into dreams gives renewed purpose, focus on living with eagerness and joy. Re-careering After 50 brings paths yet unexplored, joys yet experienced and dreams yet achieved.

Tapping into the benefits of re-careering after 50 is energizing and opens us to fresh energy, renewed hopes and opportunities yet explored. Allow me to put my coach hat on and invite you to explore some questions for reflection to tap into determination to live your dreams now!

1. What are two dreams yet unfulfilled and continue to linger in your heart and mind?
2. What makes the dreams special to you?
3. What’s it like to live in the space with those dreams for so long?
4. How might you tap the energy of those dreams now?
5. How will life be different for you when those dreams become your new reality?

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