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It is very early Spring. Called ‘the time of quickening’, when life is beginning to awaken from the long winter’s sleep. I can tell by the slight shift in the angle of light. The birds chirp more noisily and more noticeable than they do in the Winter. I also noticed the bright green blades of Daffodils piercing through the once frozen earth. As, I drove down the block, a Red Bud tree was filled with buds about to burst into full blossom.

Often, we may see the cup half full or even empty. The Empty Nest brings forth new beginnings. The empty void becomes the fertile void. Once barren and depleted, we come to new awareness. We are pregnant with potential. Like the number zero means ‘nothing’, it contains infinity.

So, as we use Nature to reflect our own growth, where can I detect a shift in my own light?

  • What new perspectives shed light on old situations or habits that need to drop away like the dead branches fall to the earth in a Spring cleanup?
  • Where is my spirit quickening and awakening to new calling?
  • Where am I ready to shoot my energy in a new direction like cupid’s arrows?
  • Am I budding with potential and ready to give birth to a new venture where I can fully bloom?
  • Perhaps, I need a Spring cleanup first to clear away debris?
  • Where is my spirit yearning to ‘quicken’ and burst forth?


Anyone ready to take a nature walk to see where your spirit leads you?

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Janet M. Ver Fine Ph.D.

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