The single biggest advantage you have in selling your services and you don’t even know it

By: Elaine Turcotte in clients, 3 years ago


I know what you’re going say because honestly, I’ve said it all to myself and I spent over a decade in sales. You’re going to tell me that you hate sales or that you are not cut out for sales or that you are just not a salesperson – it’s not in your DNA.

I get it. Neither was I.

And honestly, I’ve yet to hear anyone say “I’m going to be a salesperson when I grow up!”

No one I’ve met is a natural salesperson.

It’s a skill. A language you learn. A muscle you build.

In my previous business, I worked as a sales rep in schools and selling to teachers, administrators and students taught me a whole lot about what not to do very quickly. I wouldn’t even call myself a sales rep. It wasn’t on my business cards and I never uttered my official title to a customer ever.

I remember going to my first round of sales training and thinking, I am not cut out for this. I am not going to make it. I arrived having done the wrong pre-work and I was seriously overwhelmed. The instructors were talking a different language. I was so nervous I was shaking. I sat there praying no one would find me out but of course, I got called on and it was obvious that I had no clue what I was doing.

I was put on probation until the next round of sales training, three months later. I had to email an instructor every week with a sales situation and how I handled it. Those weekly emails back and forth held me accountable and I learned a lot.

I don’t know the exact moment, but I do know that I decided to commit to it. I loved the product and the process and I truly believed that I could help people. So if I needed to learn some sales and business skills to be successful, I’d roll up my sleeves and give it all I had. Both feet in.

If there was an award for most improved, I would have gotten it. In fact, when the trainers handed my certificate, they told me so.

I learned the language. I applied the formula. I role played. I practiced. I got more confident and eventually stopped shaking so much.

I stopped talking and feature flogging. I resisted the need to jump in with a solution before I even knew anything about the problem. I stopped worrying about what I was going to say next, got out of my own head and really listened.

And that’s the secret. I didn’t realize it until many years later, but my secret weapon is that I cared and I was willing to show it everyday with every customers.

My customers knew that when they worked with me, I would answer their questions, teach them what they needed to learn and help them when they needed it – sometimes without them even asking. They trusted me and they knew I wasn’t going to sell them something they didn’t need. I cared and they knew I would take good care of them.

In one of the most competitive markets in the country, I was successful. I had 100% retention rate for several years in a row. I grew my business steadily, year over year. And when the low price competition came knocking, many of my customers fought to keep me – they weren’t willing to give up my services – the problems I helped them solve.

When we think of sales, we rarely associate it empathy.

You can’t train people to be more empathetic. To care more. As coaches, practitioners and healers – that is your single BIGGEST advantage. You already have it in spades. Yet, we skip over this and undervalue it so quickly when it’s our most valuable strength.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

When clients trust you, they will want to work with you.

My passion is helping coaches, healers and practitioners stay in business so they can impact more people and lead the world to wellness.

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Happy selling!

Elaine Turcotte

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