Re-careering After 50: Benefits and Opportunities

By: Edward Hammett in Re-career After 50, 3 years ago


After 50 years of age, work is redefined for most. Work becomes, not an avenue for making a living, but rather a path for creating a new life. Life beyond 50 takes on new meaning and reveals many benefits and opportunities to live the life we choose, we want and that we pursue! Work takes on a fresh place in life and makes life fresh, creative and fulfilling. Let’s explore some benefits and opportunities re-careering after 50 brings WHEN we are open to it. Life is what we make it.

Benefits of re-careering after 50 includes:
1. Embracing the power of choice – we have great freedom to choose based on passion rather than previous training
2. Facing a deeper reality of our aging, we have deeper passions to live life fully. Learning and leaning into being fully human and fully alive gives empowerment and adds meaning to work and life.
3. Stretching beyond our comfort zones or previous experiences to a new focus, likely beyond our comfort zones, but usually pathways to our passions and often a refinement found in early life/careers.
4. Leaning into a deeper spirituality that offers support for fuller life as we stretch into our divine destiny, rather than our walking in path of our degrees or parent’s expectations. Visiting the deeper place of trusting our divine destiny deepens trust in ourselves and our creator

Opportunities of re-careering after 50 emerge:
1. As we open ourselves to the new. New skillsets, new identities, new work/life balance
2. As we trust our ‘˜holy hunches’, gentle ‘inner nudges’ that continue to come up but previously have been ignored or crushed out by a busy life and previous job expectations.
3. And usually offers us to wade into new networks of relationships as we find strength in others who share our passion, our dreams. Often these become new friends and maybe even new partners in our entrepreneurial adventures.
4. As we engage in deeper reflection, self-assessment and exploration of dreams and skills yet untapped or unlived. An adventure of self-discovery is often strengthened by a safe confidential relationship with a coach, a mentor or friend. Friends often have difficulty being a ‘non anxious presence’ because of their emotional attachment and preconceived ideas about who we are. A coach brings no judgement, no agenda except to support you in crafting and living your dream. Coach’s unbiased perspective is often usually in helping us create momentum and prevent us being impacted by ‘blind spots’ we can not often see ourselves. I work with coaches regularly in my own journey. I’d love to walk with you in your journey. If you explore my Exoteric profile or have further questions for me email me at [email protected]

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