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By: Gloria Manchester in Masterminding, 3 years ago


I was in my first Mastermind Group about 30 years ago. In those new age days of spiritual self-awareness, it was the natural next step after completing transformational seminars. I fell in love with the whole process!

This year, I decided I wanted to share this ground-breaking synergistic approach to self-development with entrepreneurs and coaches. Although it started in the early 1900’s with Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, I believe Masterminding should be making a huge comeback! There is nothing like it! Take 5-7 entrepreneurs or coaches with some common goals, and twice monthly they come together, virtually, to set and deliver an agenda that blows the heck out of SMART goal-setting. It’s a purist form of accelerating one’s aspirations in life.

I’ve bravely developed a 2018 version of Masterminding. Prosperity Coach Mastermind™ was launched this week and Prosperity Entrepreneur Mastermind™ will launch in March.

I got an email from John Gray this week, author of Mars-Venus, and best-selling relationship coach in the world. He asked, “what is your passion and purpose?” Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity was my theme last year for my New Story Summit. So, my passion and purpose, John, is; To develop a prosperous entrepreneurial and coaching culture. Let’s all strive for owning a prosperity mindset. I am so excited thinking outside the box about the growth in business and finances I know the participants will experience in these Masterminding Communities.

OK, so here goes, do you want to know more?

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a certified life and business coach and consultant, Conversational Intelligence ® Certified, New Money Story®, and The People Code®, and the coauthor of an Amazon bestseller self-help book for women called RE.

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