Stay Close to Those Who Inspire

By: Julie Schelling in Inspiration, 3 years ago


I recently was thinking not too long ago that I felt a kind of lacking within myself almost like a blandness. It’s hard to explain but after some deep reflection I realized what I was feeling was a result of not putting myself around enough people who truly inspire me. I in no means say the relationships I have are with people that don’t inspire but they are just different. They feed a part of me that’s equally important but I would define them more like long-term family relationships. I enjoy their company, doing things together and sharing.

However, when I say inspire I mean someone who exemplifies their highest-self most of the time, someone who lives their life by putting their highest ideas into action, someone who is one with their word and deed, someone who’s mission is to positively impact the world which is visible simply by observing them. Having more relationships with people I look up to, who just by being around them inspire not only the best of me to show up but also open up a source of optimism, confidence and a feeling of limitless possibilities that was previously dormant. I found that by seeking these individuals out and establishing relationships with them ignites the motivation in me to strive forward towards my goals. Goals that encapsulate a vision of the person I aspire to be. A perpetual student learning from each experience. Someone who can manage their emotions through understanding and deliberately defuses reactivity with calm measured thoughtful responses. To live a life that is bigger than my own self interests. To recognize the intrinsic beauty and value that lies in each person who crosses my path. Instead of judging or dismissing any person to put myself in their shoes. To appreciate the life that has been given, and to live it wisely in the service of others.

It is through seeking out and establishing relationships with visionaries, luminaries, thought leaders and mentors that awakened a resonance within myself. Witnessing the impact of the noble work they do makes the blood in my veins flow with an excitement and drive to reach my potential and to continually discover and fulfill my higher purpose.

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