If it is that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

By: Wendy Marshall in full potential, 3 years ago

This is the question I face when a new client comes on board. Many of my clients come to me because they feel as if they are at their wits’ end, have nowhere else to turn, NOTHING has worked for them. They feel broken.

I am a certified Life Coach, qualified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (iCF). However, in my coaching practice I combine my knowledge of traditional coaching techniques with other non-traditional techniques. In a normal session I will use energy balancing, EFT (tapping), NLP, Shamanic journeying, and various other tools which are best suited to achieve successful results for my client.

It is easy because change is just an energetic shift. Some people find this shift easier than others. It is difficult when you do not want to be truly free from your back story. That is where the magic can happen. When a client is raw and hurting and done with the pain of the past they become ready to release their old story. Once released transformation has room to blossom.

With the techniques I use we go in to where in the body these past pains are dwelling and heal them allowing the client to finally be free of whatever blocks have been holding them from realizing their complete sovereign self.

Are you ready? Yes, it is that simple.

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