Re-careering After 50: Three New Postures

By: Edward Hammett in recareering, 3 years ago


Re-careering after 50 is a reality for many today for a variety of reasons. Downsizing, rightsizing of companies. Shifts in family life or financial concerns. The desire to recreate ourselves before health becomes an issue. Then for some, health is the issue that forces re-careering after 50. New circumstances, call for new realities, new decisions, and new postures. Let me share three new postures I’ve observed in myself and others. What resonates with you?

1. A posture of openness is needed to explore beyond the familiar comfort zones of being employed by others, the predictability and reliability of a steady income stream and the familiar work routine. Too open self-doubt sabotages fresh dreams. Do not allow self-doubt to rob you of your full potential! Being open to the new, to the challenge, to fresh opportunities are critical pieces of moving forward now. Susan David reminds us ‘discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life’. Here one of her Ted Talks to review –

2. A posture of gratitude is called forth to replace fear and distrust of our abilities or potential. Embracing gratitude for our health, our vision, our dreams, our families, our colleagues, all our experiences (good and bad) that have brought us to this place in life and career are empowering. Our potential creates pathways from self-doubt and fears to fulfillment, hope, and energy to live into the new dreams ahead. Such gives us the incentive to re-career after 50 and the self-awareness that we can do it! Reflect, remember and rejoice in you and how you are created for today and tomorrow!

3. A posture of faith in self, in a higher power and plan for the second half of life. I believe we are all created with a purpose and a master design. Life is about learning skills to live into that purpose with energy, insight, and creativity in ways that bring us great joy and personal fulfillment. We impact others by the way we are uniquely and divinely created. Learning to trust how we are, how we are created and to embrace that divine design provides that incentive, insight, and energy to live more fully into the second half of life and career.

If you are struggling with any or all of these postures, a coaching relationship has helped me and can support you as you live into the second half of life and career. A safe and confidential place to explore, learn to embrace and deepen in confidence and competence happens through work with a coach. Exoteric, also provides, a host of service providers, to support your dream as new skills, new projects emerge! We walk with you in your dream and support you and celebrate with you as success comes and ushers you into re-careering after 50! If you are interested in working with me email at [email protected] or visit my profile at where you can visit our trusted marketplace of other service providers.

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