Authenticity And Feeling At Home In The World

By: Elizabeth Dickinson in Authenticity, 3 years ago

8502Many of those I coach are searching for an inner sense of home, of what they need to live well, of feeling comfortable inside their own lives.  In coaching terms, I call it a sense of authenticity.

Authentic means “conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief”.  What ways can you trust to know if you are living an authentic life?

When I coach clients, I often ask clients to consult their body’s wisdom.  This is not simply an imaginative exercise. Recent science suggests there is more interaction between our mind and other body parts than we’ve suspected. Brain cells and neurons are found in the heart and the bowels, leading some scientists to claim these organs as ‘second brains’. Chemicals known as peptides travel between the body and mind for communication.

So if you are feeling stuck or anxious, one thing you can do is find a quiet place, focus on your breathing and still your mind as best you can.  Then send your focus to your heart and/or your stomach.  If you’re consulting your heart, thank it for pumping blood through your body.  If you’re consulting your stomach, thank it for digesting your food.  And then ask for its best advice to get you moving or to release your anxiety.  Listen to what it says, and if the advice resonates with you, act on it.

Being heartsick or having butterflies in your stomach is information about your life you can trust.  It comes from your own body, and while it’s sometimes easy to get caught in mind ‘games’, the body doesn’t lie about how you feel.

And everyone deserves to feel comfortable and at home in their bodies and in their lives.

May we pursue our paths, feeling at home in our bodies and in our world,

Best wishes,



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