Steps to Seeing What’s Truly Right in Front of You. Challenge Yourself!

By: Kathleen Paulbeck in Change, 3 years ago

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You can do this!  Have you ever thought about what it might take to simplify your life, to see the pure happiness within without having to climb a mountain or train for a marathon to make it happen?   What subtle, but amazing transformations can you find within that will allow you to see what’s truly right there in front of you?  Let me share how this all came about:

After spending a quiet two weeks into this New Year, I found myself reading a book called Loving Your Actual Life, by A. Kuykendall.  It was written to show how a nine-month experiment opened up the ability for the author to begin appreciating the simpler things in life.  But what I found so interesting was the challenges she did to create this experience.

As I continue to read this book, I couldn’t stop seeing how this would create an incredible coaching challenge to clients who are ready to begin seeing what’s right there in front of them. 

Are you Ready for the Challenge?

Together we will create an experiment personally designed just for you by setting up the challenges you desire and the time frame that best fits the challenge.  Here are some of the challenges you may want to consider:

  • Adding quiet peaceful time to my day – mentally, physically, and virtually.
  • Distressing the morning or evening chaos – adding peace to my day.
  • Spending more quality time with those who I love and those who I want to know better.
  • Making physical care a priority – taking care of me.
  • Challenging myself to be adventurous. Taking a risk in doing something spontaneously, adventurous that a little courage is needed to complete it.
  • Building a warmer environment in which I live for myself & those who also call this place home.
  • Finding deeper creativity within and bringing it out to give back to others.
  • Creating meals that are richer in healthiness and deeper in quality family time.
  • Making time to allow myself space to see & feel what I’m uniquely meant to do. Making time to implement this unique purpose within.

I personally found it very ironic that this book had a 9-month challenge in finding a simpler more fulfilling life with the true essence of it taking 9 months to nurture a beautiful life from conception.  What can we learn from this?  If nature shows us that it takes 9 months to build an amazing beautiful person, then could there be some real truth in investing 9 weeks or 9 months to making sure that we’re living the life we were meant to love? I truly believe that this is the essence I see in this experiment, as a true challenge of Seeing What’s Truly Right in Front of You!

As I work to complete this challenge for myself, join me in accepting this challenge and dare to see the true results of what you may find.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Check out my Exoteric profile at or check in with me at [email protected] and let me know you’re ready to take this challenge on!

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