3 Interesting Parallels Between the Trolls Movie and Dr. Dyer’s Power of Intention

By: Malia Monaco MA ACC in Dr. Dyer, 3 years ago


I have two kiddos who love the Trolls movie.  My guess is they like all the bright colors, interesting characters, and great dance music.  Needless to say, I have seen it about a dozen times now.  Typically, I mindlessly watch it with them or tune it out as I make dinner or clean up the house.  But then I watched the movie through the lens of intention.

I just finished Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention.  If you haven’t read it yet, it is a classic on creating abundance in your life and living aligned with your intention.  No matter what you believe about spirituality and religion, Dr. Dyer provides inspiration and steps to stay connected with your purpose and greater universal power.   So, what does this have to do with the Trolls movie?

There are some interesting parallels between the Trolls movie and The Power of Intention.


In the Trolls movie, the Bergin’s only way to feel happiness was to eat a troll, but the happiness was short-lived, and they had to continue to eat trolls to feel happiness.  That’s until the heroine shows them that happiness is already within them, we’ll get to that in #2.

The Bergins felt miserable and unhappy 364 days a year until that one day, on Trollstis, when they got to eat a troll.  The Chef Bergin perpetuates the belief that eating a troll is the only path to happiness, this is also because she needs the Bergins to believe this so that she maintains her power and control.  “She who controls the trolls, controls the kingdom.” In other words, she controls the happiness.

Now let’s put on the Power of Intention lens.  How often do you identify that thing or event that will bring you happiness?  Do you put off happiness in the now for that expectation of happiness from your next purchase, event, person, or pill?  We live in a society who puts the value of happiness on things such as a new car, new toy, bigger house, more shoes, adult beverages, or the breakthrough anti-depressant.  The “Chefs” of the world convince us that we must continue to consume to maintain our inner happiness.  But just like the Bergins, after consumption, the happiness fades, unless we connect with the happiness that’s already inside you.


Enter Princess Poppy, the heroine.  Her unwavering positivity and seeing everything as half-full is almost nauseating, though inspiring.  No matter what, she maintains a positive perspective and confidence that everything will work out.  She has an inner belief that she has what it takes and that others will arrive on her journey just as she needs them.  And they do, and everything does end up working out.  Her unwavering optimism is contagious and ultimately inspires Branch, the only grumpy pessimistic troll, as well as all of Bergin Town that happiness is already within them and that they have the power to feel happy without consumption (of trolls).

Dr. Dyer’s Seven Faces of Intention: Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited Abundance, and Receptivity radiates from Princess Poppy.  She is the embodiment of The Power of Intention.  She inspires others, she sees the good in all (including Bergins), she fosters love and beauty in all things, she’s creative (scrapbooks her adventures), she believes in unlimited abundance and that what she needs will be there when she needs it, and she is receptive to what comes her way.

How can you connect with your inner intention and nurture the Seven Faces of Intention?


What we think about creates our reality.  Dr. Dyer stresses the importance of the power of our inner dialog.  Our thoughts affect how we feel and ultimately how we behave.  Additionally, Dr. Dyer outlines how staying aligned with the universal source via our internal diallage will propel us towards our purpose and support our intention.  In other words, what we put out into the world is what we will get back.  If we focus on what we lack then we will receive more lacking.  When we “act as if” then we allow the power of intention to flow through us and provide for us.

Ok, I have seen The Secret and What the Bleep, and even read The Answer and The Celestine Prophecy, I have explored mindfulness and intention.  I even have a vision board above my computer monitor.  Intention isn’t a new concept to me.  But I never really felt like I could maintain this uber positive, think “as if” mindset.  That “voice what is” always crept in.   I realized that if I was going to really try this Power of Intention stuff, I needed to be consistent.  Essentially, I needed to buy into it and understand it through my lens of knowledge.  I reflected on my knowledge of neuroscience and cognitive behavioral approaches to gain more insight into this mindset that seems to come naturally to Princess Poppy and Dr. Dyer.  There are many overlaps with the Power of Intention and evidence-based approaches to improving cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

In light of my reflections, I decided to adopt the mantra: Let it go and let it flow.  I have been allowing myself to expand with opportunity, letting go of the process while maintaining a focus on my intention.  I devised an acronym to help me: SCAN.  When I feel like I am spinning my wheels but not going anywhere, feeling stressed or otherwise feeling crabby I use these as an indication that I need to SCAN:

SLOW DOWN – take a breath and get back into the present
CONNECT – just that, connect with myself and my thoughts in the present moment
ASSESS – what are my thoughts, what’s my inner dialog, am I in alignment with my intention
NEW THOUGHT – replace my thoughts to realign with my intention

This isn’t about blind optimism or wearing rose-colored glasses, it’s about staying connected with your intention and staying in a mindset to maintain progress.  If “intention” is too new-agey for you, just replace it with “goals, purpose, outcome.”

So don’t be a Bergin!  If you start to feel like you’re not progressing, try the SCAN method and see what’s going on in your head.  Then ask yourself, what would Princess Poppy do?

All the best!

Malia Monaco, MA, ACC

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