Re-careering Opportunity Embraced Brings Joy

By: Edward Hammett in Work from strengths, 3 years ago


Re-careering after 50 often allows you to manage you. Create the work, social and financial life that works best for you now. Often, engaging in the ‘you economy’ – allows you to work for you. You become your boss, determine your own hours and fees and engage with persons who need and value you and your services! Reduces travel, provides an online tool for networking, invoicing, support services which reduces your stress as an entrepreneur. That is what I like about Exoteric Living! We launched our new start company over two years ago. I joined as a founding coach. We provide an online platform to showcase expert’s and entrepreneur’s needs for their journey. Coaches, counselors, bookkeepers, graphic design artist, printers, insurance experts, CPA’s, secretarial support services, spiritual coaches, life coaches, relationship experts and the list goes on! In fact, you might want to join us and offer your services OR you might benefit from engaging our services to support your entrepreneurial dreams! If you’d like more information about joining our team email me at [email protected] for more details or a 30-minute free call,

I have traveled in my previous career, and due to health and aging parents, I needed to stay home more, work via technology and find a network of clients and colleagues. At Exoteric, we work for ourselves, but not by ourselves. I love it. Exoteric is a super opportunity to connect with professionals from all over the world, to learn together, support each other and Exo provides a platform for us to share our services, products, and support for others who are on their own entrepreneurial journey. It is obvious, the trend in our world is moving away from corporate jobs and into entrepreneurial careers where people work from passion, calling and desire to soar on their own. An article on February 2, 2017, edition of Wallstreet Journal is entitled “ The End of Employees”… a fascinating read that supports this shift in work life in America and actually across the world.

If you are ready to explore alternative career paths, to generate additional income streams, to collaborate with experts in many fields and to nurture the dreams of entrepreneurs maybe Exoteric is for you! If you would like more information on joining our team or engaging our team’s services you can email me at [email protected] . Enjoy the journey!

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