Re-careering After 50

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Recent research by AARP tells us ‘nearly half of older workers have changed jobs since turning 50.” Their report continues, “You are part of a revolution. You are among the first generation of Americans who routinely change career after 50.” What does this mean for you?

I have consulted, trained, taught and coached for over 40 decades. I enjoyed it too! In my 50’s and 60’s, I have the opportunity to explore new careers, new dreams. I’ve been a part of starting four new companies, authored several books and many articles.

Many aging and retiring boomers need additional income in retirement, so work continues in some form. Others are like me; we want to refine skills, open up new challenges and pursue new opportunities. Exoteric is part of that pursuit for me. I want to help entrepreneurs live their dreams, find their fulfillment, personal and financial fulfillment and share something of my areas of expertise when needed and requested.

Here are five tips for re-careering after 50:

1. Trust your heart, not your head — often what’s in your head, from past experiences, leads to fear and often sabotages new dreams. Following your heart is about finding and fulfilling your dreams.
2. Find a trusted thought partner for a new journey – this may be a friend, colleague, coach, aspiring entrepreneur or a mentor who has traveled the road before. Such companionship provides accountability, encouragement, as well as a thought partner to carve out a new path in this entrepreneurial journey.
3. Be open to the new as you consciously decide to move from your comfort zone and enter fresh places of growth and opportunity. So many choose to stay comfortable in life. Such desires often drain one of energy and sabotage dreams.
4. Tap into passions, people, and mindfulness. Your passions are worth clarifying, naming and pursuing. People are excellent sources of support, encouragement, collaboration and teaming in your pursuits. Being mindful, wise and discernment keeps you focused, precise and attentive to what can be rather than just what is.
5. Be intentional about your pursuit. Nothing just happens. If you want to re-career after 50, you must be intentional, focused, and work hard. New start companies always take more time, more money, more energy than most first imagine. Those who persevere succeed. Those who become distracted, unfocused and without support and encouragers usually give up before success comes into reality.

As 2018 unfolds, decide to set clear and time-driven goals which connect to your heart driven dreams. Maybe working with a coach is part of this plan, Exoteric can help! Perhaps you need a graphic designer to help with a logo design. Exoteric can help! Maybe you need a bookkeeper or CPA, to help you wade through tax issues and salary issues, Exoteric can help! Exoteric is the one stop shop for entrepreneurs. We have a team of highly capable service provides designed to create a team to support you in your success. I’d love to work with you and connect you to those service providers to get you moving in directions you desire to go. Dreams call for intentionality and support. What’s your next step now? If you want to work with me email at [email protected] and we’ll get started pursuing your dreams!!

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