I have a dream … and so do you!

By: Adam G Fleming in dreams, 3 years ago

Jon is one of my best friends.

We can be silly together. He once got me to put a brown tie on, over a white tee shirt for a selfie. I would shave my beard in a ridiculous fashion, any day of the week, if I thought it would make him laugh. I hope that for many years, we will continue to take crazy selfies together.

Jon came over just the other night for a serious chat but we spent the first half -hour joking and laughing together. Now you have to understand, Jon is a serious person. I guess he doesn’t get goofy like that with other people very often. That’s what he says, anyway. That’s okay. I’m more than happy to be that guy he can laugh with.
That’s because I have a dream. My dream is that everyone in the world would have one really good friend. Someone who can laugh with them, cry with them, ask them tough questions. Someone who believes in them … and the dreams that they have, too.
Jon is one of the biggest dreamers I know. I believe in his dreams as much as I believe in anyone’s dream, anywhere. I look forward to watching his dreams continue to pan out, to come to fruition, to become realities, to change the world.
In January, I usually think about goals and plans. This is the time of year for that kind of thing, with the people I serve and for my own businesses as well. But it’s helpful to think about dreams on MLK Day because we need that reminder, all the goals and plans we make are based on top of something bigger, some kind of dream we have about how we could make the world a different, better place.
The dream is the driving force. It’s the motivator behind all you do.
I have a dream today, and I know you do too.

Now is a good time to watch M.L.K., Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech. I’m glad we have a national holiday, because it reminds me to take 17 minutes every year and watch it in full. If you didn’t, I encourage you to do the same. I know that a normal Youtube video is 2-3 minutes now… but stretch your attention span! As I watched this speech again this week, I noticed that MLK Jr. was using his notes heavily for the first 12 minutes, but when he got to the point where he said “I have a dream…” for the first time, he stopped using his eloquent, powerful notes which had given him such a strong introduction. Then, he spoke directly from his heart. Your dream is down there in your heart. If you need to put together 12 minutes of eloquent notes, do some journal exercises, and find it. Find that dream.
Dr. King reminds me to pay attention to my biggest dreams. Are they good dreams? There are three critical values for basing any dream upon: justice, mercy, and humility. If you dream has something to do with that: if you want to make the world more fair, and/or a kinder place, and you don’t care if you get any of the credit … then it’s a great dream, and worthy of developing by planning and goal setting. Keep going after it, my friends. Keep dreaming.

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