3 Important Elements to Living a Productive & Successful Life

By: Kathleen Paulbeck in life balance, 3 years ago

When clients crave change in their life, they focus on the one issue that’s weighing heaviest on their mind.  They know it’s got to be fixed, and drastic change has to occur.  This may bring on anxiety that then overwhelms us to be stuck, causing our lives to feel unproductive and unsuccessful.

Working to find happiness and contentment in life, is a balance of THREE important elements.  Too see the big picture here, let’s imagine a large empty glass jar with a lid representing our everyday life.  Now let’s review the three elements that will go into the jar, seeing how they relate to the important elements of our life.   Let’s imagine our jar adding in:

  1. The “Big Rocks” which are all of your non-negotiable goals, dreams, and priorities, such as living healthy, traveling abroad, spending time with family, going to the gym, or launching a dream business.
  2. The “Small Rocks” which are activities you need to do or enjoy doing, but they aren’t absolutely crucial, such as brainstorming a new project, watching a favorite TV show, trying new recipe, practicing your guitar, catching up with the latest blogs, spending time with friends, or leading book group.
  3. The “Grains of Sand” which are all of the mundane, day-to-day tasks you’re responsible for, such as working, doing laundry, checking emails, paying the bills, taking the kids to soccer, walking the dog, or go grocery shopping.

Now, let’s build a jar of your current daily activities.  How many of the elements do you have in it?

  1. Do you have “Big Rocks” in your jar?  If yes, how many?
  2. Do you have a healthy equal balance of the “Big Rocks, Small Rocks vs. Grains of Sand”?
  3. Is your jar filled with more “Grains of Sand” than you ever expected?  How might this feel suffocating?
  4. Are your “Small Rocks” filled with positive space for yourself to grow?

Viewing life from the perspective of having it all, takes the stability of these three elements.  Success comes when there’s a true balance of being blessed with everything from the Biggest Rocks to the tiniest Grains of Sand.  Spend time reviewing what’s in your jar, and make a conscious decision to make it even better.  All of us need to blow the lid off our jars and reach for the stars, which is where all our dreams begin!

I look forward to hearing from you in finding your successful life balance.  Reach out to me at  https://exotericliving.com/expert-profile/1412/ or [email protected] and let’s build your Productive and Successful Life!

Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC, ACC

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