By: Gwen Dittmar in balance, 3 years ago


Most of the clients that I sit with have the same desire – how to find balance between their work and personal life. Here are three tips that I encourage for that million dollar question that most people have:

1. Create boundaries РBe rigorous with your boundaries. Most of us are inundated with tasks that are not aligned with what we truly desire. Then we are left feeling like everyone else and everything else takes priority over us. It is a state of victimhood that leaves you out of balance. When you have clarity around your calendar, when you prioritize your time, when you schedule what is important to you first and then build your other responsibilities around that, you will organically create more balance.

2. Say “no” – We have been trained to say yes, to be helpful, to be accommodating, to be nice. But saying yes when we really mean no depletes our energy and zaps our self trust. Learning how to say no to what is not important to you will energize you and your life and as a by product, create balance. This means when someone asks you to lunch, but you really don’t want to, practice how to say no from love. At first it might feel uncomfortable, but like any other muscle, it will get stronger and easier.

3. Intention – When you have the intention to have balance, your life will follow that energy. Our word has power and when we become mindful of the words we are saying, the vibration our lives are riding directs how we experience our days. Experiment with saying “I don’t have time, I don’t have balance, I’m busy” and then “I am balance, I am in balance, my life flows with grace and ease” and see how you feel. You can also experiment with saying those different phrases and test the strength of your muscles. It can be fascinating to see how much stronger your muscles are after intending positive statements.

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