Why Values Are Important

By: Elizabeth Dickinson in values, 3 years ago


In my coaching practice, I often assist clients to identify their key personal values.

Your personal values are those qualities or attributes you experience when you act in a way that feels most natural and good to you.

Example: I have two separate clients. Through coaching, Client A identifies three key personal values: intimacy, connecting, and community. Client B identifies achievement, humor and magic.

Can you sense each person will feel best engaged in different activities?

Why is it important?

Knowing your key personal values can help you create and live a fulfilling life.

If you’re in a life or career that doesn’t feel good to you, you may be living out of balance with your personal values. It may be a good life according to society’s values. You may contribute to society, make a decent living, support yourself and your family.

If you feel restless, with a sense that something isn’t quite right, there may be some unexpressed value in your life. Something that needs to be recognized and honored and acted upon.

The best way to know is simply by how you feel about your life. You deserve a life that works, that feels good, that expresses your unique individuality and values.

At its most basic, it’s why I love to coach. I want people to live fulfilling lives, according to their values. Each person’s path is important, not just for them, but for their friends, family, and wider world.

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May you all pursue your path with passion, purpose and peace,

Best wishes,
Elizabeth Dickinson

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