5 Tips to Unleashing Your Internal Leadership Power in 2018

By: Lynn Anderson in abundance, 3 years ago


With the new year now in full swing, I know many people who have set resolutions and goals for the new year.  That’s great!  However, I highly encourage you to unleash the power you have within yourself to make 2018 the best year (and you) yet!   You have what it takes within you, right now.  You just need to have the confidence to unleash it into this world.  What better time to do this than in 2018!

Here are the five (5) tips which have helped me find the POWER to lead my life and career on my terms as well as create a successful and abundant life.   I’d like to impart this wisdom to you offering up these 5 POWER Tips to help transform you into a Powerful Woman (or Man) Leader right now!  I call this process releasing your inner Woman Warrior.

So here are my Five POWER tips to you:

  1. P Promote Your Unique Brand.

Create your unique brand and ‘off it up’ it to the world.   In this world there is only one you so shout out what that “you” is and what you stand for.   Look at feedback from your network on your strengths, attributes and values to formulate your brand.

Use an index card and write your brand statement on it, testing it out through your network and in networking opportunities.  Begin living this simple statement each day no matter the challenges that are put in front of you.  Say your brand in the mirror as you get up in the morning and prepare for sleep in the evening.   You are uniquely you so don’t hesitate to share and promote that brand with others.

  1. O Optimize Yourself through your ability to say “NO” and include others.

Women tend to be nurturers.  We want to help others and not ‘rock the boat’ looking to avoid controversy.  However, when we give, give, give, we take the learning away from others as well as our ability to effectively use our energy to maximize results.   This POWER tip is all about finding out what your strengths are, leveraging those strengths, and allowing your network to help support you through their own strengths.

We need to help others by not taking on all the tasks but by letting others stand on their own two feet as well.  Look at this distribution of work as allowing others to shine and not robbing them of the experience for them to use their gifts and talents.  Don’t be a gift robber!   Cherish your gift and those around you.  Be precious with that gift and learn the power of saying “No” so your gift doesn’t get overextended.

  1. W    A powerful leader understands the power of “we”.  As the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team.

A powerful leader sees the gifts that each team member brings and works to bring out the best in each individual.  This practice demonstrates the value of the team and each person’s contribution to that team.  The leader takes time to get to know each team member and listens actively, seeking out information about the goals, situation, culture, and surroundings.  This leader encourages the involvement of all team members in a task and seeks to match up the individuals strengths and goals to help support the overall goals of the team, looking for a win-win collaborative approach to creating results for the team.  This approach results in a unique powerful result, not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

  1. E Execute against your specific purpose, vision, and goals not holding back in the process but taking risks and creating an action plan to get there.

Without action and execution you will not get anywhere.  Powerful leaders find the will power and drive (it’s innate in  their character) to continue to execute with an effective action plan creating positive momentum along the way.

They are not afraid to take risks and hold nothing back in all aspects of their life.   They are true to their life purpose and lead it each and every day no matter whether they are at work or at home.   They don’t apologize for being with their family, if there is an important event in their lives, nor do they with their family when there is an important event at work.  They understand who they are and live by those values across all areas.   If you do nothing else in 2018, live by your values and develop a strong sense of character.   That character (and the values you live by) will guide you to make the best decisions for yourself, your team, and those you come in contact with.  It’s not the resolution you choose but the discipline and character that you decide to go after that resolution that is the difference maker.  Invest in your values and develop the character to stand by those values no matter what challenges are thrown at you.  This approach will make execution work in your favor (and those around you will benefit as well).

  1. R Realize the here and now, enjoying the journey. 

Leaders “seize the day”. They don’t wait for tomorrow what they can get done today.  They create action rather than inaction as well as savor the journey, the process, along the way.  They realize that many of the key tips and learning comes from the experiences they have in the journey.   So remember to celebrate your successes, learn from the challenges, and focus on what is right in front of you, right now.

I hope these tips will allow you to be a more powerful leader; energizing yourself, your team, and your life in 2018 and beyond.   Here’s to your incredible journey.   Life it each and every day to the fullest.


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