The Miracle of Wonder & Awe

By: Lynn Anderson in awe, 3 years ago


During the holidays, now more than any other time of the year we see the miracles of wonder and awe.  We see people reaching out to others in need and lending a helping hand with food, gifts and good cheer.  We take time to relax and maybe visit a special natural wonder of the world which fills us with awe.  I’ve been lucky enough in my life to travel all over the U.S. and abroad to see some of the most amazing places which have filled me with wonder and awe …whether it’s the miracle of the fresh snow that fell last week in Georgia or the amazing wildlife and terrain that I experienced recently on my trip to Africa.  Wherever we go, we can see the wonder and awe around us.

No matter if you travel near or far or stay right where you are at, you can still be filled with wonder and awe each and every day of the year.  My gift to you this season is that you will practice slowing down and experience the wonder and awe around you. Thankful of the many gifts you uncover when you take just a few minutes to slow down, listen to nature and those wonderful people around you, and uncover gifts which will amaze you.  How wonderful to uncover these great gifts everyday not just during the holidays but 365 days a year!  We are truly blessed if we just stop, listen, and look to the wonderful beauty around us.

Here are a few tips to help you to slow down, listen, and appreciate the wonder and awe, the gifts that present themselves to you, each and every day.

  • Breathe – Duh Lynn, I breathe each day without even thinking of it. That’s the point.  Take a moment to clear your mind of all your clutter and take a deep breathe in and release it slowly not thinking of anything but just focus on your breathing to clear your mind.   This technique will open you up to receive new ideas, new possibilities and see what is right in front of you.
  • Listen – After taking a deep breathe and releasing it, listen to the sounds around you. What do you hear? Just take it in and enjoy the listening process. When some one is talking to you, clear your mind and just listen intently to what they are saying to support them and give them the great gift of listening and support while you take in the blessing they are bestowing on you.
  • Uncover the gift – whether you are listening to the sounds or appreciating the wonder and awe of nature or active listening to an individual, be conscious of the gifts you are uncovering about yourself, your surroundings or the person you are listening to.

Think about all the gifts of wonder and awe you will uncover in 2018 by following these principals in the year ahead.  You will be filled with unlimited gifts of wonder and awe throughout the year.  Feel free to come back to this page and post some of the wonder and awe you experience by following these simple steps each day (or write them in a journal and review the treasures you have uncovered throughout the year). You will be touched by this wonder and awe.  The greatest gift of all was give to us over 2000 years ago.  Some, like the shepherds and wise men, stopped, listened, and saw the wonder and awe while others were too busy to see this wonderful miracle. I hope you take the gifts of wonder and awe and incorporate these into your everyday living.  It cost absolutely nothing but can be priceless in your life.   Merry Christmas and cheers to incredible wonder and awe for you in 2018.  You will be amazed at the wonder and awe that is right there in front of you and the impact this wonder and awe will have on your life.   Blessings for a magnificent 2018 and beyond.

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