Know, Like and Trust … or Trust, Like and Know?

By: Adam G Fleming in Exoteric, 3 years ago

Someone interviewed me the other day and asked me, “What gets you excited about joining a trusted community of coaches like Exoteric?”

I immediately thought back to that common phrase we said when I used to attend BNI meetings: people do business with those they know, like and trust.

There’s an implication here that you must get to know someone first, then decide if you like them, and finally develop a level of trust, before you’ll cut them a check to help you. Frankly, that’s a long process, which can take months or years.

I’m fairly certain this is universal, even in fast-food or big-box chains and the way they advertise. You do business with them because you know their name, you like what they show you, and you trust you’ll get it when you arrive. Take the Whopper. It’s the same at every Burger King. You trust you’re going to get what you know and like, no matter whether you are getting a Whopper at the Seoul, South Korea airport, or at their location in downtown South Bend, Indiana. (I know, I’ve tried it.)

But what would it do for your sales cycle if you could invert the process? What if you could be trusted first, because of your affiliation, and then, as people work with you they’d get to know you… and if they like you, they can rate you, which only allows the next customer to trust you even more.

Perhaps there’s a universal law at work, that people always work in the direction of Know (first), Like (second) and Trust (third)… but if the agency is already trusted, then I believe it’s possible that people could work their way through it in reverse. If that’s possible, then it should shorten the sales cycle. And if that’s possible, then that’s a really good reason for joining forces with one of the world’s most trusted sources for coaching. That’s why I’m excited to be an Exoteric member coach.

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