Positioning Yourself for Progress in 2018

By: Edward Hammett in 2018 Progress Plans, 3 years ago


A new year approaches. With a new year comes new challenges, opportunities, and pathways to progress or decisions that leaves one in a stagnant position.
• Where will your decisions lead you in 2018?

Positioning yourself for progress in 2018 calls for a serious reflection on the following questions and a decision of what will you do with your reflection results?
• What dream or ideas are within you that need outward expression?
• How does this line up with your current activities each day?
• What are you willing to do to move beyond what is to what can be?

Positioning for progress in career, in life, in relationships, in finances in 2018 calls for tough self-assessment, clarifying self-talk, and refocusing daily energy to move forward. Dreams don’t just happen! Dreams come into reality by making the hard decisions, taking deeper risks and embracing what can be more than always living in what is today.

• What decisions do you need to make to live into your dreams in 2018?
• Who will support you as you discern decisions that need to be made?
• How will you find the courage to make the decisions you must make?
• What will life be like as you live and work for dreams rather than routines?
How do your dreams align with your belief system?

Engaging with the Exoteric Ecosystem is a possible way to make powerful decisions, find needed support, embrace a new thought partner and do the self-assessment needed so progress can be made in 2018. Exoteric is the ‘one-stop shop’ for those wanting to move beyond their comfort zone in 2018 to live their dreams. Coaches, service providers of all types, resources for independent study as you grow into the new dream. Gaining skills, discovering tools and guidance for the journey are what Exoteric Ecosystem is all about. We would love to work with you as you make progress in achieving your dreams in 2018. Visit my profile, course, and gigs on the Exoteric website. I would love to support you on your journey!
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