When Boomers Reframe Career & Retirement

By: Edward Hammett in baby boomers, 3 years ago

(Midlife Entrepreneurs Re-fired)

6988Baby Boomers are retiring at exponential rates. Many are not retiring; rather we are reframing and re-firing our retirement into new careers. Many have to work because they have not saved enough to retire comfortably. Others of us, love what we do and choose to re-fire and reframe career as we join the ‘you economy’ and work for ourselves! Becoming our own boss takes us to the next level of fulfillment, fruitfulness, and fun in and through our career.

  • What about you?
  • What are your options to fire your boss or reframe your retirement?

Technology, Time & Talent Allow It
The digital age, and the increased discretionary time of many boomers, plus the refined skillsets position midlife boomers to start again, to reframe and re-fire a career that is more for fun and fulfillment than just financial reward. The advent, and rapid growth of the ‘you (gig) economy’ provides perfect places for those in midlife re-firing entrepreneurial career adventures and those millennials beginning to ‘fire up’ their careers and lifestyle as they learn to be their own boss and create the life they want! Exoteric is for people on this journey! I’ve been connected with Exoteric for almost two years and love it!

Desire, Intention & Coaching Empowers It

When you combine a digital age, with entrepreneurial aspirations and intention new adventures emerge. Lives change finances stabilize as passions and dreams are discovered and acted upon!! Dreams, discretionary time, a deep desire for independence and fulfillment empower the ‘you economy’ and those of us in it! If you have a dream, a desire and are looking for thought companions, colleagues on the journey with you and a confidential coaching relationship Exoteric coaches and service providers are for you! We provide support services designed for your success. Our greatest desire is to watch you, and thousands of other entrepreneurs, experience success. We will help you self-assess strengths and weaknesses. We’ll support you as you find the gaps in your knowledge and experience, and we’ll work with you to find solutions that satisfy and bring you success, fun, fulfillment, financial independence! I’d love to support you on the journey. Visit my profile on ExotericLiving.com, my gigs (service/coaching packages) my online courses or email me at [email protected]

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