Embrace RISK for Reward

By: Edward Hammett in focused living, 3 years ago

Embrace RISK for Reward!
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The You Economy continues to emerge and challenges many aspiring entrepreneurs. Those aspiring to ‘fire their boss’ and leave the 9 to 5 routine for freedom and greater fulfillment seek pathways to and through their dreams. Here’s a path to consider. Working with a coach clarifies dreams, anchors you in reality and supports the path you choose! Take a RISK to find your reward.

Real Dream – be sure to capture your dream. Make sure it is real deep within you – a passion that drives you during the tough days and the days of joy! What is the dream that drives you?; What would it be like to live your dream now?

Intentionality is key for any business owner. Especially an entrepreneur! New businesses don’t just happen! New schedules, budgets, and work-life balance calls forth intentionality, accountability, ongoing support for dreams to become a reality — a reality that causes you to soar instead of crash. What are the areas calling for your intentionality?; What will provide you the support and accountability needed now to ensure dreams become a fulfilling reality?

Systemic life challenge clarifications are essential. Becoming a business owner usually alters your current realities and leads you into new realities that ultimately are more fulfilling and leads you to your life dreams. The systemic approach is key… what are the new challenges, realities to work through to achieve your dreams? Finances?; Family?; Work schedules; Team building?; Creating revenue? Being productive with time and talent. What elements of your current life will be challenged by new dreams? How will you sustain focus and balance in this entrepreneurial world now?

Keep focused and keep pressing on! You are learning and leaning into a new life, new career, new lifestyle… perseverance pays off. Staying focused is a challenge but essential. Working with coaches, team members and family can help you press on and stay focused. What’s your plan? Who will support you consistently on this new journey in the next critical six months? I would love to serve as your coach. Let’s walk into RISK together to discover and embrace the life we want to live now! Email me at [email protected] or go to my profile page and gigs to sign up for one of my coaching packages. Let’s start today!

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