Are We Truly Open to Change , or Are We “Comfortable” in being Stuck?

By: Kathleen Paulbeck in Focus, 3 years ago


So many of us desire change that our hearts ache for it.  We see opportunity right there in front of us and plan out what the outcome will look like.  But why do nearly all of us struggle in the transition of making it truly happen?  Walking through the steps of change appears to be one of the most difficult things to do.  When we know we have the ability to change, we still hold back in making it happen.  So, should question be asked:  Why are we more comfortable in being stuck, always willing to hold ourselves back?

Being open to change might mean that we have to let go of old bad habits.  It might mean that we need to create a new routine or be open to making new relationships.  All of this may have the positive outcome that we desire, yet the transition in making it happen is extremely challenging.  Nearly all of us wait until we’re hit with a reality that doesn’t give us the option of choice but the harsh reality of “now or never.”  But why is that?   Why does our mind always go in the direction of: “hard pressed, but not crushed yet; stunned & confused, but not in despair; taken down, but not destroyed yet.”  Does that sound like we are more comfortable in being stuck?

If there is one gift I could give back to the world, this would be it!  Guiding others through the gift of coaching supporting them in seeing that the transition of change is going to come sooner or later.  Life will not allow us to be stuck, locked into one place.  Life continues to move us daily whether we see it, feel it, hear it, or sense it.  If we could all be open to enjoying the many changes of life, we would no longer be comfortable in being stuck.  We could celebrate change, always being ready for something new & loving the life we were meant to have.

Spend some quiet time with me, looking at the changes your heart desires.  Feel the freedom of why letting go of being comfortably stuck is truly the way to live.  Begin living with freedom to randomly make changes that open up new opportunities.  Click on my link and connect with me today.  I look forward to meeting you!  ~  Kathleen   or  email me at: [email protected]




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