What shall I Be and Do?

By: Bo Prosser Ed D in Direction, 3 years ago

Here is a personal reflection for me the next few weeks, “God of the universe, What would you have me to BE and to DO?  And what would you have me to DO and BE?”  I need to focus both on what I am doing and what I am thinking.  As I approach the New Year, my prayer is for clarity!

The brevity or simplicity of this reflection might be deceiving.  There is much asked here about  listening and obeying.  As we are formed deeper, we discover more things in which to engage.  As we engage in more things, we find our lives being formed even deeper.  “Being and Doing” don’t happen as isolated actions but as interrelated experiences.

As you reflect more and more on this, clarification and direction come more and more focused.   At first, just practice “BEING still!”  Later, go and DO!  Each day, ponder the lessons and the blessings of your doing.

As you consistently reflect on this mantra, develop a list of what you feel coming to your mind and heart.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life especially in the mystery and activity of your work and play.  There is a higher power preparing you, guiding you, and strengthening you.   Pay attention, goodness is at work!

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