Success in Giving Thanks & Gratitude All Year Long

By: Lynn Anderson in business success, 3 years ago

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Veteran’s Day this past week, what better word to discuss than that of gratitude and giving thanks!   When we are grateful for all that we receive each day and focus on the good things, instead of the challenges, our energy level not only increases but our perspective on a given situation improves.  What I would love to see in many of our businesses around the world is a sense of gratitude on a daily basis.  Gratitude for all the hard work each employee puts forth every day, gratitude for the many customers that are served, gratitude for a paying job,  gratitude as a business owner from the freedoms we enjoy and gratitude that we can enjoy our family and our life because of our 6860freedoms here in the USA.

I’d encourage all of us to create a gratitude wall in our office or at work where we can all share what we are grateful for not just once a year but every day of the week.   Get everyone involved.  If you are a sole business owner, get your family involved.   If that’s not possible, look at starting a gratitude journal so that you can end each day with an entry of what you were grateful for that day or post an item on Facebook at the end of your day.   Once you start doing this, you will see that your perspective changes from one of challenges and distress to one of hope and excitement.   Your level of energy will rise and your positive attitude will become contagious.   People will want to be part of your team and serve with you.  Just as our Military members display every day when they go to work to defend our country, we can be proud of who and what we stand for.  I salute all of you regardless of whether you have done battle on the front line or in trying to make ends meet or in the trenches of Corporate America.

Bring a sense of gratitude into all you do and you will see the fruit of your labor grow.   I leave you with four challenges to help you cultivate an environment of gratitude in all you do.

  1. When you are about to say something negative, STOP! Think of something you are grateful for instead and see the positive in what you are doing and accomplishing.
  2. When you feel overwhelmed, burdened, or overworked, think about all that you do have and all those who love you and how grateful you are for it.
  3. If you start pitying yourself or saying bad things about others, take a deep breath and let the negativity out. Take another deep breath back in and say a prayer of grace and thanksgiving.   You will start experiencing a calm strength within you.
  4. End each day with gratitude and reflection for all that you have and all the good things that happened for you today and sleep with a deep sense of fulfillment. It will be refreshing.

Thanks to all the men and women who have served to support our freedoms, you are truly my brothers and sisters.   A special thanks to my husband, father-in-law, nephew and friends who have all served with honor, grace, and gratitude.   They are true leaders and warriors.    To all you woman warriors out there, continue to fight with conviction and grace using your strengths and passion to propel you forward.   And, to each and every one of you reading this post, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you find grace and gratitude all year round.

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