Restless Heart: A Pathway to Pursue Next Steps

By: Edward Hammett in Anxiety, 3 years ago


Often an aspiring entrepreneur faces a restless heart. The decision for the aspiring entrepreneur is how you deal with the restless heart. Restlessness can lead to fear that creates a reluctance or avoidance of moving into the life of an entrepreneur or restlessness can become fuel for new dreams and a new career path. What will it be for you? How do you decide which it will be for you now?

Often my coaching clients struggle with a restless heart. Taking the jump into a new career path, not only means ‘firing your boss,’ but becoming your own boss and being responsible! As the coach, I provide encouragement and a confidential thought companion, to explore fears, consequences and challenges fears bring. We also explore the essence of your restlessness. What’s it about? What’s under the restlessness? As a coach, I listen carefully for what connects and where are disconnects between what you say and feel and what you are willing to be and do. Listening deeply is a key element in coaching. As a MCC (master certified coach) I have over 3000 logged coaching hours. My ear and heart are finely turned to listen deeply for you and to you.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and those who have already taken the ‘jump’ to become our own boss, needs someone not only to listen to us but also to listen for us. It is the listening for us that often supports the client to explore deeply the restless heart until a heart at rest is discovered. When clarity comes on the other side of honest exploration of dreams and consequences rest emerges, and the decision comes forth.

If you struggle with a restless heart, self-doubt, skills being challenged and fears often becoming paralyzing maybe working with me is a path forward. I would love the honor of working with you for six sessions or maybe for an entire year. Explore my coaching packages by clicking here…

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