Going the Extra Mile (and More)

By: Amy Gamblin in Building Business, 3 years ago



Every Sunday, I trek out to do the grocery shopping. I look at the Sunday advertisements, plan by thinking of healthy dishes to cook the following week, cut out coupons, and go.

Where I live there are multiple choices to do your grocery shopping – they seem to be expanding these choices every week. The choices can seem overwhelming and there are people who are loyal to one over the other. As I was shopping today, I thought to myself, “How convenient it would be to go to this other grocery store rather than the other.” The “convenient” store (and very reputable by the way) is 2 miles from my home. Yet, every week I choose to go to the one that is 7+ miles from my home. And this got me thinking, “What is the value to myself for going the longer distance? It takes an extra 35 minutes for a round trip to go to this other place. Isn’t my time worth going to the other grocery store that is convenient?”

After asking myself that question and considering the alternative, the resounding answer was “No.” I valued this other store because of what it offered that the other place did not offer. It offers high quality food, prices that are worth the quality, and great customer service. I love this place! I am a loyal customer tothis place!

So every week, I make the conscious decision to spend my time that is very valuable to me to drive somewhere else to get what I want – which is also very valuable to me.

How does this relate to coaching? As a coach, we want to think about the value we are offering to our clients. Perhaps we have the tendency to lower our prices, or overextend ourselves and meet them in ways that are convenient for them, or to accept clients that may not be the best fit for us to coach. Perhaps in doing so, we lose the quality of the coaching so that we are not being an effective coach.

In doing so, ask yourself some questions. What are you worth? Is the value you are offering worth more than you are charging? If not, what is your coaching value worth? How are YOU going the extra mile to be effective for your client and meeting your client’s values and wants? How are you supplying effective coaching so that the client wants to go the extra mile for your services? As coaches, we want to take a hard look at the value we bring. We want to honor who we are as professionals. We want to honor our clients in a way they feel valued and loyal.

There are many options out there for those who want coaching. How can you ensure your client feels the value from you so that they keep coming back?

To explore that value and let me show my value to you, let me know.

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