Finding Your Voice

By: Amy Gamblin in Career Coaching, 3 years ago


Picture yourself in a meeting with a group of people. Those in the group are throwing out ideas about a project, an idea or a solution. Or perhaps you are with family members and they are putting forward their thoughts and their wants about a particular situation. And you? You are listening to others and instead of saying something, you accept what others are saying.

Question. What is the benefit of finding your own voice?

In coaching, we work with people to find that voice so that they clearly and specifically articulate what it is they do want. Questions we ask: What do you want to achieve? What is important to you about a goal? Describe how this goal is meaningful to you so that you have that internal motivation to move forward.

So – how do you want to express your voice? Some people are good at vocally articulating their thoughts. Others find that expressing their thoughts through writing works best. Perhaps others express through creative mediums such as paintings, songs, picture boards. Whatever works for you…WORKS!

In going through this process myself, recently, I reconnected with my passion for writing. Growing up, I was a songwriter – writing lyrics to music in my head. Did the writing stink? Perhaps. There are some lyrics I look back at today and think this is really bad – and others I look back at and say, “Hmmm…how insightful for a thirteen year old…” The thing is – by gosh, I sure had a fun time doing it! Because when writing, I was in the moment with who I was and what I wanted to express at the time.

What will it take to find your voice? How do you want to express yourself? Remember, each individual is unique and each individual has something worth saying! Being your authentic self in the process is a powerful thing! Perhaps you struggle with finding the right things to say or wanting to model someone else. Modeling others has its benefits IF it keeps you alignment with who YOU are as an individual.

The freedom in finding your own voice is truly powerful! It gives you the opportunity to say, “Screw it! This is me, this is who I AM, and I want to be authentic and genuine and expressing myself.” With that authenticity, people will start connecting and relating with you on an individual level. With that authenticity, you will bring power to yourself because you are expressing your own wants and desires.

So…how will YOU find your voice?

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