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Careers are fluid these days. Rarely do you find a person in a job, who plans to stay in that job, with one company, for the rest of their life? Opportunities emerge! Dissatisfactions emerge! Dreams surface! Skills develop. As career and dreams shift, stress can occur. Finances, family issues, parenting issues, relationship challenges, time management and the list, goes on. When things change – you can invite stress or embrace stress as a motivator for smoother adjustments in career adjustments. Working from the inside out, rather than the outside in, pays high dividends during career adjustments. I write about the inside/out concept in my book Making Shifts Without Making Waves: A Coach Approach to Soulful Leadership. You can find it in the Exo course section. Click here

Working on the Inside Out Is Key

When dreams, opportunities, dissatisfactions surface from the outside AND have processed adequately on the inside, insights come that aligns beliefs, values that relieve stress, rather than creates stress. The alignment that comes through exploring with a certified coach helps you connect the dots, live into values and beliefs you want to honor while stepping into new career opportunities. A coach can also help you avoid or minimize blind spots in your career adjustment. I would love to work with you to explore alignments that empower your dreams, rather than clogs them with unneeded stress!

When the Outside Dictates, Goals Become
Stressful Rather than Clearer

Very often a person in career transition listens to the external voices, rather than their internal voice. Listening to all the external voices often creates stress, a feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed. Getting clear about how the external aligns or is misaligned, with internal voices of faith, values, family, and relationship desires are critical factors in a less stressful career adjustment.

If you are seeking an adjustment in career, experiencing some stress, maybe these coaching questions might help your clarity. If you want to enlist a coach to walk with you, consider me. You can find my profile by searching my name on the Exoteric site.

Coaching Questions To Consider:
1. What dream is pulling you forward?
2. Where are the ‘pinches’ you are experiencing or anticipate in your career adjustment journey?
3. What will help you move to get and stay focused?

©Edward Hammett, [email protected] I would love to walk with you on the journey to support the dream and keep you moving!

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