Circle the Wagons… Entrepreneurs finding Trusted Council

By: Anne Packett RN in Motivation, 3 years ago

Yes, I’m hard-headed. It’s my understanding of how southern women are supposed to be. My daddy was the one who could tell me so. Since I grew up on a farm,  my thoughtless choices could spell disaster. Daddy always instinctively knew those times when he needed to say, “this is not one of those times where you figure it out as you go. This is one of those times to listen TO ME.”  And because I had grown to trust Daddy, I did listen. most of the time……
And now, because God is so good, I have a husband with whom I trust who can now remind me when and how to step out carefully. most of the time….

Who do you trust? Who trusts you?  Keeping these people in your inner circle can often provide you with invaluable perspective and will certainly give you the compass points that you will not have on some days.  Your coach will be this for you.

And a good coach stands in the light of objectivity to pose the right questions to allow you to hear yourself say what you think, what you need and what you want.   You know your market.  You are ready to launch. And when you seek out those to whom you trust, don’t forget to invite yourself.

Be well.6799


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