With Purpose

By: Anne Packett RN in Motivation, 3 years ago

With purpose… This title is specifically selected to remind us all what success really is. Living with purpose, loving with purpose, giving to the world with purpose is what the best life is all about. Venturing out into life, we have choices to make. What will we prioritize? What will we focus on? What will be our “big rocks” , those things in our lives that we refused to do without?

Today, this day and every day, we must choose what will give our life purpose.  Especially in the beginning of a new venture, we must choose carefully. We choose and create an expression of how we want to interpret our product line. We choose to create an expression of how we want to treat our customers.  We choose, and mark out a pathway for how we want to treat ourselves, our families and our friends.  We are much more successful than our last decision, and we are never more successful than our next decision.  Choose wisely, make meaning, and live with purpose.6787

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