What Do You Really See In Your Life Photos?

By: Kathleen Paulbeck 3 years ago

When it comes to looking back on our life, where do we begin?  What do we think of first?  Can we truly see our lives through the photos we take?  Each of us might have a different answer to that, so let’s see what the lens of a camera can truly tell us.

From birth, our parents took pictures of every step we took, every precious moment we made them cry, and every moment that we were the star of the show.  Most of us can remember how having pictures taken of a special moment, truly meant a new accomplishment was being made.  But as we grew older, there eventually became fewer pictures being taken with less true joy in them.  How does one define what that truly means?  Are there less accomplishments being made as we get older or fewer moments being cherished?  Are we truly seeing the joy within each moment?

When looking back on our own lives and those of our families, are we truly living in the moment taking time to see, feel, and love each & every moment?  Or are we too busy in the moment to know how truly important it really is?  Taking time to find that perfect picture that has that special moment in it, has its own unique challenge.  To me, that perfect picture occurs when the photographer them self is shedding a tear of joy while taking the picture.  Being caught in the moment, seeing and feeling the joy of someone else around them.  Consider how much joy you see in pictures of tearful reunions, or moments of true accomplishments after a lot of hard work, or the joy of unwrapping a gift that brought tears to the eyes of the receiver.  Those are the moments when life is at its greatest for all to see, feel, and love, especially the photographer.

How can we create those unique moments to be more often and more special so that we can catch them?  By beginning to SEE more often, FEEL more often, and LOVE more often for what is truly happening around us.  Ask yourself, am I truly creating moments that catch me seeing, feeling and loving more?  If not, am I truly living in the moment, consciously aware of what’s happening around me?  Am I living in the moment of where I truly want to be?  Can I begin creating new moments around me and begin living a more fulfilled life?

As a well-trained, certified coach I would love to work with you to begin seeing your life through a whole new lens.  I would love to support you in seeing, feeling, and loving deeper so that you can begin capturing those precious photos that you and your family will cherish forever.  And most of all, I would love to work with you to support you in seeing that perfect photo within you.  Contact me at [email protected] and share your story with me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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