How Introverts Become Innovators

By: Edward Hammett in Being Innovative, 3 years ago

How Introverts Become Innovators

Can an introvert be a successful entrepreneur? Can an introvert become an innovator? These two questions are posed to me often by friends and aspiring entrepreneurs, who know me well enough to know I’m an introvert, and I’m a successful entrepreneur. I have been part of starting four businesses, with colleagues, and for the last nine years, my own coaching and consulting practice. I’m living proof that an introvert can be an entrepreneur and an innovator. Here are some lessons learned on my journey for you to consider

1. Introverts think, reflect, plan to find focus.
2. A reflective innovator is often creative within our own heart and mind and rarely shares that vision in groups.
3. An introvert becomes an innovator by putting thoughts in print, circulating his/her ideas to others and inviting feedback and collaboration via print.
4. An introvert now has multiple social media platforms, blogs and podcasts to share dreams, visions, and opportunities. Such mediums are often inexpensive, convenient and invite and encourage written interactions.
5. An introvert desiring to be an innovator can create online learning opportunities, schedule conference calls with those who share an interest in ideating or moving forward on dreams. Introvert often use social media as an avenue for birthing innovation, relationships and sharing opportunities.
6. Some introverts are not social media types, but they may engage in some soloproneur experiences in the arts as a way of communicating and sharing their private visions.

When you observe or encounter an introvert, realize they may be a very creative innovator who can collaborate in and on many platforms. These opportunities can turn into win/win opportunities for all concerned. If you are an introvert, cast off the limiting belief that you cannot be an entrepreneur. You can!! All too often introverts are imprisoned by our limiting beliefs. We can choose to live within those limiting beliefs as we create platforms to move forward. We might also choose to work with a coach to push through the fears, reframe limiting beliefs and discover the power to innovate in ways to birth our dreams!!

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