Discover Your Entrepreneurial Mindset: Fuel for Your Dreams

By: Edward Hammett in Getting started, 3 years ago

6758Many have asked me, “how have you transitioned from a 9 to 5 job to being a successful entrepreneur?” I love the question and the curiosity it reveals from some people. Others do not voice the question or have the curiosity; they are noticeable]y comfortable with the status quo in their work life. My response is typically three-fold:

1. I didn’t want to live in the same structures of my 9 to 5 job. I had a ‘holy discontent.’

2. I wanted more control of my time, life, energy, and opportunities, rather than controlled by a supervisor.

3. I had a dream and desire for more freedom and opportunity that current position didn’t allow.

All of these issues have to do with learning to live into my entrepreneurial mindset, my ability or desire to live in a routine or to live a dream. The mindset causes me to also evaluate my risk-tolerance in pursuing my dreams. When heart-shifts, the mind shifts, and the opportunities come. Following your heart opens the dream. Following only your head often leads into fears, anxieties rather than hopes from the heart.

How do we connect with our heart, over our head?
Getting in touch with one’s heart is often a challenge for a person learning to live into an entrepreneurial mindset. At this point, my coach was extremely supportive and useful. My coach, not only listened to me but also listened for me and helped me connect the dots and move from head to heart. Coaching help me slow down in order to listen to my heart. Such proved to be so wise and useful… going slow … really helped me to live into my dream much faster!

Walking this journey with an eager and ready client is a joy, an honor, and privilege! I would love to walk with you for 8 to 10 weeks. We can dream together, journey from head to heart together and live fully into your heart dreams. Send me an email at [email protected] or visit some of my packages in the trusted marketplace. Dreams really do come true, when we are willing to work for them!
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