By: Anne Packett RN 3 years ago

How fast does the world spin around us these days? How rapidly changing is technology? Medicine? Education? Some days it seems that every moment is filled with stuff to think about, things to do, and choices to make.

I used to work in suicide prevention and when I would speak to a group of parents of adolescents, I would remind them of the importance of quiet time. Young people today have very little quiet time. Many of us today has very little quiet time.   Particularly as young adults, but also as any adult,  it is becoming critical that you learn how to be introspective. Get inside your own head, and make sense of your world. Stop long enough to learn how to breathe in the gifts of the day before you move on to the next day.

Good parents, we profess ourselves to be, encourage our kids and nurture our kids from thing, to thing, to thing and before we know it their day is over. How much will keep them competitive? How many things will offer them the life we want them to have? It strikes me that the life we want them to have is a contented, fulfilled, purposeful life. Success by the world’s standards or not, we want those we are responsible for to be contented and happy and good citizens.

Growing up on a farm, we had many chores to do after school. I remember distinctly the feeling of DEVASTATION after that boy wouldn’t look my way or I failed that test.  And yet after a couple of hours of physical work and quiet “head time”, I had assimilated my world and realized ” I’VE GOT THIS! ”

You’ve got this.   You just need to know it.  It is imperative that you be faithful to physical work and quiet head time. Find yourself, your best self.  You’ve got this!

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