Why I wish I had hired a business coach years ago…

By: Kristen Schmitt 3 years ago

Business coaches and consultants are more than good business sense, they are vital to a small business owners success in both the professional and personal arena.

Having owned several businesses, some more viable than others, I blindly stumbled my way through a myriad of obstacles – many of which could have been resolved if I had just reached out to a professional someone who could help me with these challenging times. As business owners often do, we think we know it all, and are capable of resolving all our own issues since, well, no one knows our business as well as we do, right!?!

As successful as I was, or thought I was, I struggled with so many “things” as a business owner.  From who to hire, who to use as a bookkeeper, to when I should expand my business, and about 1000 more circumstances.  I thought the weight of the business world was on my shoulder and didn’t know how to get out from a pile of chaos.   Once I started working with a business coach…everything started making sense!

Now, a few years later and as a coach/consultant myself, I see the same “struggles” I personally experienced with my clients.  Being able to segway my career from business owner to a consultant/coach has been one of the most rewarding “next steps” of my journey…I just wish I had reached out earlier to someone who could have helped me earlier in my entrepreneurship…but alas, it’s never too late.  Whether you decide to shire a coach, read a business book, or simply write down your goals and start acting on them, these are great first steps in getting your business turned around, or starting a new business. Just start somewhere!

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Have a great day 🙂

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