What is 1440?

By: Gloria Manchester 3 years ago

A few weeks ago I participated in a weekend workshop facilitated by my mentor coach, Dr. Krueger, on Your New Money Story at 1440 MultiVersity in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is an amazing place!

More amazing is what 1440 means and how this place was created from a Catholic college to what it is today. 1440 is the number of minutes we have in each day; what are you going to be/do/have with yours? We are either growing or decaying, there is no status quo, so what choices and contribution will you make in this world today … in the next 1440 minutes?

I invite you to take a look at the expanded meaning of prosperity by going to Creating my Prosperity and take the assessment I created and trademarked. Find out how you can make the most out of your 1440 minutes a day.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a leading life, business, and prosperity coach in Sacramento, CA and the creator of Prosperity IQ (P-IQ) Assessment.


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