What Goes Down MUST Go Up!

By: Sammy Scaggs 3 years ago

Take a hike with me…

Yesterday I went on a hike with one of my best friends who is an avid hiker on the Skyline Drive in Virginia! It was a gorgeous day for a hike. I told him to take it easy on me because I knew he was an expert and I am a rookie. So, he chose a hike that was only seven miles. I try to walk five miles every day so I thought this would be a “cake hike”.

Well, when we started hiking I noticed immediately that the incline was a pretty steep downward incline. Several hours later we were looking up at “White Oak Canyon Falls” (see photo) and it was awesome. But when we started our journey back I literally had to look straight up and I said to myself, “What goes down MUST go up!

Yes, I know that the famous quote by Sir Isaac Newton coined the phrase: “What Goes Up Must Come Down” but that was not the challenge facing me on this hike. And the inversion was true in my case. I began thinking about this in relation to what we are teaching our clients every day.

The average American holds debt, if you include the mortgage, of somewhere between $250,000 and $350,000. So, let’s compare this “debt hike” with the journey we took yesterday. Here are a few things I pondered as we climbed out of that beautiful canyon yesterday:

My friend, the expert hiker, kept up a pace that I could not match. So, I decided that we were not in a race. My only necessary goal was to get myself out of the canyon that I had put myself in. This is the same for you and your debt. You do not need to compare yourself with others when it comes to your debt. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that holding on to debt is one of the greatest hinderances to building wealth for living, retirement and leaving a legacy for your children.

Yes, I could have sat at the bottom of the canyon and waited for someone to carry me to the top. Sorry, but I am pretty sure I would still be there today. The same with your debt. You can wait but the longer you wait the worse it gets and the more interest you will pay. So, this is the big step. Decide to go back to the top. Decide to get out of debt and do not quit.

An ancient proverb written by a king many years ago (who happened to be the wealthiest man who ever lived) said this: “Steady plodding makes a man wealthy, hasty speculation leads to ruin”. So, once you decide to get out of debt just take one step at a time. Steady plodding is what it takes. That is how I got out of that canyon yesterday. One step at a time. And that is how we get out of debt and build true wealth to monetize our dreams.

Secondly, you have to give yourself a break and stop the negative self talk. When the hike became difficult I realized that I was not having fun anymore. And I began to think things like, “you’re out of shape. you need to exercise more and you are a weakling”, etc. Then I said, this is not helping me, so I changed my thinking to: “this is good for me, you are not in a race, pace yourself. Stop and drink water, enjoy the experience, the destination is the journey.” Thoughts like that. And guess what happened? I had a great hike and before I knew it, I was back to the car.

It is the same with debt elimination and wealth building. You can sit around and grumble and complain or you can stay at it. Find others to travel with and use tools to help you. One of the new tools I was introduced to yesterday were walking sticks. I had never used them before but they really helped me keep my pace and my balance to complete the hike.

We have tools to help you to accelerate your debt elimination and to build wealth. Will your “debt elimination hike” be quick. Nope. You will need time, tenacity and a “can do” attitude but before you know it you are debt free and building wealth unlike anything you have ever seen before. Contact me today for your free 360 Analysis to get started. All you have to lose is debt and interest.

Remember, never, never, never give up on your dream to be financially free,



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