Welcome Exo Experts!

By: Exoteric Living 3 years ago

We are live!

Thank you for your patience and dedication to the vision and mission of Exoteric!  Today we begin our journey together to  bring coaching to every corner of the globe.

As you know, my vision is to make coaching affordable for everyday people.  I want to make it as common place as having a family doctor.  The exotericliving.com website begins that journey and I’m proud to have each and everyone of you by my side.

The month of March will be spent helping you navigate the website.  Soon you’ll be getting an email with the “Top Ten” steps  you need to take to get ready to take on clients.

While you go thru your  Top Ten  checklist, be sure to also provide us with your feedback on how we can make your new home at www.exotericliving.com even better.  Simply click on the support button in the top navigational bar and let us know how we can make your experience on the site even better.

All my best,


Linton Johnson



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