Walking With A Coach Pays Dividends

By: Susie Young-Tatum 3 years ago

We are all seeking something. For many in the networking world, seeking more freedom, or life security is what drives  the “why”. Earning income is generally the first motivating factor in engaging in a home-based business. However, it’s not always what keeps the entrepreneur on track. Personal development, relationships and knowing the WHY can be the starter fuel generating energy for action. What comes after the “why”?  It’s the HOW. This is where a personal coach can really keep business owners focused and on target.  I found the networking industry full of leaders teaching new, bright-eyed entrepreneurs to focus on their why. I also found it wasn’t enough. It’s only the start of a successful business plan. Without the strategy and accountability, the why is just a reason to get started.

A professional coach can sit with you, listen as you express your dreams and visions for the future. We have the skills to help you break down into managing pieces the steps needed to take those dreams into reality. Yes, you need to start the engine with your why. But it will be the business plan, staying on target, being accountable and working through the distractions that will lead to success.

Most leaders in the direct sales industry know that there is a lot to distract the individuals in their downline from staying focused on the main thing. To walk intently down the road of prosperity with a profession coach, one-on-one, will help a business owner stay focused; it will have a great return on investments. Your downline will do what you do; it’s a business of duplication. You’ll want them staying on the road of their business plan, as well. Working with a coach helps free you to do the things you get paid for, (and by the way, it’s not teaching or coaching your downline).

A coach helps you stay intentional on your journey.

Wanting to gain control of your financial life and where you spend your time in the future can be as simple as starting your own business. This may be the extra step needed to free you from the rat race of a mundane life. It won’t be easy. It could be simple. One step forward can be the beginning of a great journey. In networking, the opportunity is presented to you, and what you do with it is totally up to you. It helps, though, to have a professional coach work along side you so you don’t have to do it alone.

Learning and improving emotional intelligent skills, developing relationships with people you partner with, and building income for the future are all key motivators for owning your own marketing business.  Having a coach to walk along side you, making sure you keep your footing on the road, will pay great dividends.

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