Waking the Dog Can Change your Life

By: Katrina Ogilby 3 years ago

Surprisingly, it was my dog who led me to a miracle!

Jake was a beautiful black standard poodle with lots of energy.  He’d stand behind my car every morning waiting for me to take him to the dog park.

Well one blustery day in early March – It was gray and cool –  we piled into the car for our trip to the park.  Like always, Jake jumped out of the car and streaked across the grass!  I loved watching him – maybe with a little envy – run carefree and in pure ecstasy.

It was such a contrast to my mood.

You see, I was deep into a mid-life slump – feeling stuck and uninspired.  My career was going nowhere.  The kids were leaving home.  I was listening to all the negative voices in my head – You know, the ones that were saying I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, loveable enough, so why bother.  I was in a deep funk and just couldn’t pull myself out.

I even thought, “I need a wake- up call to change this negative spiral.”

Well I sure learned to be careful what I asked for!

So, I was walking the dirt path around the edge of the park and thinking about my dog’s untroubled life, when Boom, I’m suddenly knocked to the ground.  In those first few seconds of utter and pure panic, I was unable to move my arms and legs! Yikes!

Another dog walker came to my aid and my momentary paralysis passed.  I learned that a large tree limb had broken free and cracked me on the back on my neck.  I was rushed to the hospital.

The trauma surgeon told me I had won the lottery that day: my broken vertebrae were the same as Christopher Reeves – I was just luckier that I wasn’t paralyzed.

Well that was certainly a wake- up call – Maybe more than I was hoping for!

In that moment at the hospital, I realized I couldn’t live one more day in an uninspired life!  My life was just too precious.

With the help of family and friends, I recovered.  I set goals to become my most fit and healthy self– Coaching helped me plan and stay accountable.  I began practicing yoga, meditation, gratitude.  I learned to ignore those negative voices in my head.  I started, what I like to call, “What the Hell” living!  Feeling happier and lighter.

I was so inspired by my experience with coaching that I decided to become one.  With the support of a coach, I learned about business ownership and all its ups and downs.  Now I’m twelve years into a very satisfying career as an entrepreneur.

Now I’m passionate about serving mid-career professionals and retirees who feel uninspired and want to recharge.  Whether the goal is about starting a new work venture, setting a personal goal, or just learning to become more peaceful, I love helping people become their most vibrant, healthy and balanced selves – to live the excitement and freedom of a dog’s world, without the wake- up call!

As Mary Oliver asks:

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

Be in touch for your “Wild and Precious” consultation so we can explore your possibilities.  Why not?  You can begin your, “What the Hell Living” right now!

Katrina Ogilby, PCC, JD


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