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By: Gail Summers 3 years ago

Courage: Getting Started

My apple trees are in bloom even though they surely know Easter snow is on its way. Is that courage? A jumper leaps out of an airplane at to catch ten seconds of exhilarating free fall. Is that courage? A mom rushes into a burning house to save her child. Is that courage? Maybe it’s all courage. Maybe none of it is courage. Whatever courage is…an entrepreneur will most likely need it at some point. But let us say that courage is taking action in the face of fear. What does that mean here? It probably means the apple trees and the jumper are not displaying courage. It could mean the mom is displaying courage if she is, indeed, afraid.

Classic areas where new entrepreneurs have fear are in marketing, selling, obtaining funding, networking, business acumen or just making the decision to go into business in the first place. So how does one have courage? Can we learn it or grow it or coach it? I believe we have to face it. We have to do exactly what we are afraid of. We have to take action. The very first step. Just one little step.

One little step could ultimately lead to success. No step at all could lead to nothing. I remember a presentation I attended several years ago. One of the speakers told a story of the bunny. She recalled how she found an injured bunny and placed it into a box, thinking the bunny would recover. The bunny continued to breathe, but never moved and seemed almost paralyzed. By morning the bunny had died. The speaker was quite upset and called her brother, a vet. “No wonder, it died,” said the brother. “It was paralyzed with fear. It needed to move. Next time this happens, just tap the bunny on the rump until it moves.”

There are many rabbits and at this time of year, many bunnies, out there in my garden among the apple and Pinon trees. Sometimes, when the rabbits see me they freeze in place and pretend they are a rock. When the danger passes, the rabbits move on. It’s good protection. From the air, those rabbits actually look like rocks and the hawks don’t see them. But sometimes a younger, teenager rabbit seems to freeze too long and I gently toss a pebble or stick at it until it moves on and I know it will be okay.

So take a first step. Do one small thing to get you started.

(The Bunny Story: From a presentation by Evelyn Eubank and M. Paula Daoust, PhD, authors of Jolt, Engaged and On Target)


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