The Bay Leaf Blog: So you want to become an entrepreneur?

By: Gail Summers 3 years ago

10 April 2017

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

My forsythia is finishing up its peak bloom. I carefully tended it for almost ten years to get it to grow, finally thrive and eventually bloom out here in the high desert clay at 6600 feet above sea level. Everyone said forsythia couldn’t grow here. Ah ha! I showed them.

So you want to be an entrepreneur? What is an entrepreneur? Are you one already? Or do you want to become one? (We’ll get back to the forsythia later.)

What is the problem?

What do entrepreneurs do? Here it is, sweet and simple: entrepreneurs solve a problem, then, sell the answer to that problem. So go into the world and seek out problems, challenges, the trouble-spots, the worst case scenarios, the annoyances, the pet peeves and the wishes of people. The next time you hear someone say, “I wish…,” listen up, take note and figure out how to make that wish happen. Yes, there are many other definitions and characteristics of entrepreneurship. However, the basic tenet is, “What is the problem?”

What is the risk?

Sometimes, the risk is known. Sometimes, it’s not known. Sometimes it’s a mixed bag. So learn to live with risk and uncertainty.

What is the biggest challenge?
Probably everything is a challenge. Focus on the biggest challenge first. Then, when you’ve handled that, move into tackling lesser challenges. When those are handled, look at the even more minor challenges. Don’t be worrying about the package for your original hand-cranked ice cream until you solved how to make the ice cream. Sometimes the biggest challenge is that everything is new and you have to learn how to do it. So learn how to learn.

The Bottom Line

Are you still here? You have problems to solve and solutions to create? You can handle risk? You can learn? I’d say you’ve got the makings of an entrepreneur. Need an extra problem to solve? Well – how can I better grow my forsythia? Is there a product or process that could be developed to compensate for altitude?


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